Nevada DMV Scam Warning

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CARSON CITY – The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is warning all drivers about a scam.

The DMV has received a number of calls and emails from Nevada residents who thought they were renewing their vehicle registration on the state’s website only to find out too late they were on a private site that charged them for basic information.

“Most of the sites state clearly that they are not official government sites,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “However, some people don’t read carefully and end up paying for materials they could have obtained free of charge.”

The private sites offer to help customers through the registration and licensing process – for a fee. The sites use paid online advertisements that look similar to a search engine result.

DMV’s official website address is and offers
information about licensing, registration, titling, vehicle insurance and more. Motorists should ensure the address bar says

“Our site is comprehensive. Someone needing licensing or registration help can find the information they need free of charge,” said Dillard. “There is little we can do about these private sites. Many people have called and written to us to complain after they were charged for something.”

In May, DMV created a web portal called “MyDMV” that puts all of the most common DMV transactions in one place, making it more convenient for motorists to renew a driver’s license, vehicle registration or ID card. For the first time, customers are able to make a change of address online. More than 50,000 Nevadans have signed up so far.