Nevada Could Have Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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RENO -- Medical marijuana dispensaries could be created throughout the state if a bill in the state senate passes.

Under the bill, medical marijuana dispensaries would be non-profit and be regulated by the state.

Nevada voters approved the use of medical marijuana roughly thirteen years ago, but it remains nebulous how patients are to obtain the drug.

KOLO interviewed a woman named "Tracy," who showed a card she obtained to use marijuana for medical reasons. She said she is in the process of getting a renewal. Tracy said she uses medical marijuana for fibromyalsia and bowel problems.

"The medicine calms my bowels down it helps with nausea it helps me to feel good about myself," she said.

Those registered with the state are allowed to grow a limited number of marijuana plants. However, Tracy said it is difficult to grow the plants in the desert and she is concerned about thieves. She said dispensaries would be a good solution.

"A lot of cities are experiencing benefits from the taxation" Jenny Brekhus, a member of the Reno City Council said. Brekhus recently voted with other councilmembers to oppose the medical marijuana dispensary bill being considered at the legislature. However, she said the City of Reno should prepare for the possibility of dispensaries.

"My strongest desire is the City not have its head in the sand and if the legislature green-lights these we need to get our zoning ordinances and our business license regulations in place," she said.

Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick said right now people are receiving marijuana for medical reasons who don't really need it. "All they have to do it go to the doctor and get prescribed that's what's been happening it's been abused," he said.

Gammick also said he doesn't see a need for dispensaries.

"Why aren't we doing this through the network of pharmacies we have in this state now? If it is a legally prescribed medication, why aren't we handing it through them?"

He also the dispensaries would not put drug lords out of business who would undercut the dispensary price.

Another bill being considered at the Nevada State Legislature would allow for recreational use of marijuana.