Nevada Congressman Says NSA Program Was A Surprise

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RENO -- Congressman Mark Amodei said the NSA's surveillance program came as a surprise during an interview Friday. "I think you're going to see (an)... increase of oversight," he said. Amodei said he did not know about the surveillance until a leak brought the NSA's efforts to light.

Amodei made the comments following a roundtable discussion at the Chamber in Reno on immigration reform. The Republican echoed calls for reform that includes additional border security. "Ultimately the thing I think is the most indefensible is if congress produces nothing, we've got to act on this issue," he said. He added more security does not necessarily only mean more personnel, but also biometrics and e-verify systems for employers.

Amodei also spoke out on the economy. "I think history shows us your tax issues largely take care if themselves when you have a robust economy and we're not there yet on the national level," he said.