Nevada Gets a 150th Birthday Cake

CARSON CITY, NV - It's a sheet cake...but not just one sheet.

170 sheets were needed to build this massive birthday cake to celebrate Nevada's 150th anniversary.

All volunteers, these dedicated cake constructionists take their direction from amateur baker and decorator Misti Gower

“Because I'm a Nevadan, so when they asked me to bake the state birthday cake, that's why I did it,” says Gower.

Gower says with donations from U.S Foods, they would use more than 1200 pounds of ingredients for frosting and cake.

Carson-Tahoe Regional Medical Center allowed its kitchen ovens, cake pans, and mixers to be used over the course of weeks to set up the raw materials.

Then Thursday night, sheet by sheet, spatula by spatula, the cake took the form of Nevada.

“Oh, they know what they are doing,” Gower assured us, as crews placed the “Battle Born” fondant on the cake.

Friday morning the finishing touches of blue ribbon frosting surrounded the state's borders.

By Friday early afternoon only a small portion of the cake had been literally eaten away.

But later in the evening, the general public got its chance to view and better yet, taste a birthday cake that with candles would most certainly be a fire hazard.