'Needy Meds' to Help Save on Medical Costs

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CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Staying healthy is not a cheap task, from doctor visits, to prescription drugs, the bills can add up. There is one non-profit organization that says they can help you get the resources you need while saving you money.

Like many people with low-income, Louis Jacobo can't afford the high cost of health care.

"Sometimes my blood pressure has jumped to two hundred and eighty something over a hundred and something and they say 'you could've had a stroke'," he said.

He also has Hepatitis C, which means he needs on-going health care--that can really add up. Thanks to Needy Meds, Jacobo says he saved about $70,000 on one medication alone.

"Drugs can be very expensive for a lot of people and often times it was a choice of whether someone can pay for their drug medication or pay their rent that month or they might be eating cat food truly to save money to pay their other financial obligations, Pam Salassi, Public Health Educator said.

Need Meds is a one-stop-resource to saving you money on your medical costs form disease resources pages, to drug coupons with no financial requirements, to locating free or low-cost clinics in your area.

"A lot of people think 'oh that's not for me, I'm not considered low to moderate income, but there's something on there for everyone whether you want to save a couple dollars on a box of Tylenol or possibly several hundred bucks on prescription medication," Salassi said.

Anyone can log onto the Need Meds website and download a drug discount card with or without insurance. You can receive up to 80 percent savings on prescription medications.

"Some people i do see think this is too good to be true but when you get on the website ad see it's all free information and it's anonymous and there's no catch," Salassi said. "We've saved over $500 just off one drug coupon."

People nationwide have saved more than $30,000 dollars with the Needy Meds discount card and more than $1 million have been saved from using Needy Meds resources in one year alone.

You don't have to register to access information on Needy Meds and you can remain anonymous to get your discounts.

If you don't have access to downloading a discount card, contact Pam Salassi via e-mail at www.getheatlhycarsoncity.org or via phone at (775) 283-7109.