Nearly 12,000 Citations For Texting & Talking While Driving

RENO, NV - Driver Jon Bloom had the blue tooth in his ear, but at a Kietzke Lane intersection at a stop light, he was checking his phone for messages.

“We are doing a story today on cell phone usage, people texting, people talking..." says Trooper Allen to Bloom at a stop.

Bloom is making probably the most common mistake Trooper Allen sees these days, but he's says he's not aware of that.

“If the car is stopped. It should be ok, because its not moving. But that doesn't mean...well what that means is I'm not looking around right? Says Bloom

“You are visually, manually, and cognitively distracted when you are texting. So basically you almost have to forget the phone exists in the car,” says Trooper Allen.

Bloom was given a warning.

Trooper Allen says even if you're at a stop, if you are looking at or sending text messages you are still driving while distracted.

While that may be the most common belief or excuse out on the roads.

We still were able to get plenty of people driving and talking on their cell phones.

No one would argue this is against the law, and potentially very dangerous.

“It's against the law to talk on the cell phone while driving. And if you really, truly need to talk on the phone while operating a motor vehicle than you must adapt to the hands free device. That's the bottom line,” says Trooper Allen.

According to NHP, nearly 12,000 citations were issued this year statewide for texting or talking on the phone while driving. 30- 2nd time offenses were handed out, and 25 for a third offense.

In all those citations add up to more than a million dollars. Money collected goes to the counties in which they were issued.