Friday: National Puppy Day

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RENO, NV - Friday, March 21st was National Puppy Day. It's a day to celebrate man's best friend and help put an end to puppy mills. National Puppy Day was started by author and activist Colleen Paige in 2006. Thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter, it has caught on, becoming an international event.

In Reno, puppies at the Nevada Humane Society and the SPCA of Northern Nevada are looking for a loving home. Adopting saves you money in addition to saving a life. "There's a huge overpopulation issue in this nation, and millions of animals are put to sleep because there are just so many," says Bryan Wildman of the SPCA. Both local shelters have a no-kill policy. Maintaining the animals is expensive, and most are happier when they find a forever families. If you're not sure you're ready to adopt, you might try being a foster pet parent. "We're looking for people all the time that can take a litter of kittens in or a puppy in, and get them though those first several weeks of life so they can come back, get spay or neutered and finally find their forever home," says Wildman.

Even if you're already a pet owner, you can still support our local shelters. This weekend, the Nevada Humane Society is holding its annual "Say Cheese for Charity" event. For just a $25.00 donation, you can get a portrait of you and your pet. Click on the link to the right for more information.