National Honor for Virginia City

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VIRGINIA CITY, NV - Virginia City's C Street has been named a top 10 Great Street for 2013! The list released by the American Planning Association names a total of 30 streets, and public spaces that add value to communities, foster growth and provide jobs. "We pride ourselves on efficiency, lack of bureaucracy and making things simple as possible for businesses," says Story County Senior Planner Austin Osborne. He says the County understands the unique needs of the 165 businesses on and around C Street, including the challenges that they face operating out of historic buildings.

Residents in the area are dedicated to preserving and promoting the experience of going back in time. That helps give Virginia City's main street the character that makes it a top 10. With wildly popular events like the Camel Races, Street Vibrations and Outhouse Races the tiny town attracts thousands of visitors. Often, that means parking can be a challenge. It's one thing city planners say they would like to improve over time. "The biggest thing is the V&T Railroad," says Osborne. "We want to make that come right into the center of town." He says that's just one way of incorporating multi-modal transportation into the area while maintaining the historic atmosphere. Meanwhile, he says the community is grateful to be recognized. "It's a huge honor that they come to Nevada and say what is it about Virginia City and choose us for this prestigious award."

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