National Guard on Alert; School Lockdown Over

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RENO, NV - A Reno elementary school was under a precautionary Code Yellow lockdown Tuesday afternoon because of heightened security at the nearby National Guard armory.

Reno police say the alert was issued after an applicant at a local U-S Navy recruiting office was turned down and left apparently angry. An RPD spokesman says the recruiters there alerted the National Guard that the upset applicant might show up at their offices on Plumb Lane.

The National Guard offices notified officials at the adjacent Little Flower School and they instituted a lockdown as a precautionary measure. That lockdown is now over.

Reno police have tracked the man, saying he had a car full of weapons. He told them he wanted to kill himself, but not hurt anyone else. He's now getting medical help and the weapons have been confiscated. He never showed up at the Guard offices, but as a precaution, heightened security continues for the time being.