National Day of Action - Call to Reduce Gun Violence

The Right To Bare Arms
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Since Eduardo Sencion's deadly rampage at a Carson City IHOP in September of 2011, questions about how it could have been prevented have haunted the community. Thursday activists from around our area gathered at the site of that shooting to join a National Day to Demand Action to reduce gun violence. It was on of more than 100 events calling on Congress to pass universal background checks for gun purchases. "I know a lot of people who have weapons," said demonstrator Skip Garber "and we have a beautiful range here in carson city, and most of them are reasonable and responsible citizens."

These activists say they are in favor of gun owners and the Second Amendment, but they want to pressure Congress to pass legislation requiring universal background checks. They say mandatory background checks may have prevented the tragedy in Carson City a year and a half ago. That's because Sencion, who was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic was able to legally buy his gun from a private party seller. That type of sale does not currently require a background check. They say if universal background checks were mandated, it's possible Eduardo Sencion's mental state may have prevented him from getting a gun to use in that deadly attack.

Currently, some states do require background checks for private party sales made at gun shows. Nevada is not one of them. Often referred to as the "gun show loophole" 33 of our 50 states do not restrict private, intrastate sales of firearms in any way.