National Auto Museum Begins New Digital Tour Experience

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RENO, NV - The National Automobile Museum has unveiled a technology designed to allow guests to experience the museum in a new interactive way.

The Auto Informant Museum Program, which is free to Museum visitors, provides mobile and online access to the Museum’s collection of more than 200 cars, allowing patrons to learn facts, history and stories and to see pictures and videos that were previously unavailable to the public. Furthermore, through the Auto Informant Program, visitors to the museum will be able to share their experiences with friends and family all over the world directly from their mobile phones.

“We believe our visitors and passionate members will want to share their appreciation for these amazing automobiles with new audiences and younger generations,” said Jackie Frady, executive director of the National Automobile Museum. “We are excited to be the first museum in the country to implement the Auto Informant Museum Program and see this as an important step towards creating an engaging and interactive experience that will appeal to all of our audiences, young and old.”

According to a news release, Auto Informant, also headquartered in Reno, is a new social media and digital technology company considered the online hub of the car world and is the largest online community for car enthusiasts. The company’s website (link at right) connects users to car clubs, auctions, Concours events, parts providers, auto museums and more all over the world.

“We are so proud to partner with the National Automobile Museum to increase visitor traffic and make the most of their experience,” said Bill Atalla, Auto Informant’s founder and an avid car enthusiast and lifelong collector. “We have worked hard with representatives from all over the automotive industry to create robust programming that appeals to passionate car fans and mainstream visitors, alike.”

As part of the National Automobile Museum’s Auto Informant Museum Program, a unique online profile page was created for each car that highlights its history, specifications, factoids and other interesting content and additional photos and videos of the car. Then, a unique QR code was generated and installed next to each vehicle, allowing museum guests to scan them with their smart phones and access the vehicle’s online profile. Furthermore, the Auto Informant Museum Program allows users to post their favorite cars and pictures to mainstream social media channels and email them to friends and family with just the click of a button. The program is specifically designed to enhance the visitor’s experience while marketing to potential customers through social media and online marketing.

“We believe this is an easy and effective way to share additional insights and information about the museum’s cars through a more personalized experience that can be shared simultaneously over the internet,” said Frady.

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