Nasty Storms Move Across South As People Travel Home

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MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - The storm system that unleashed damaging tornadoes in the Deep South and dumped snow and sleet on the nation's midsection is now working its way northeast.

The flight tracker says more than 325 flights already have been canceled today in and out of airports that had been or soon will be in the path of the storm.

Blizzard conditions are forecast along a line stretching from Little Rock, Ark., to Cleveland, and some areas could get 10 inches of snow.

Drenching rainstorms rumbled across Georgia early today without causing any apparent damage. But Georgia Power officials say thousands of customers lost electricity in the state as the storm moved on toward the Carolinas.

On Christmas Day, the same storm whipped up numerous tornadoes in Louisiana and Alabama, knocking down countless trees and blowing the roofs off homes.

Oklahoma got snow, which caused many accidents, including a 21-vehicle pileup. Three people were killed by falling trees in Houston and in Louisiana.