NV Wardens Seek Illegal Trappers on Mount Rose

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RENO, Nev. (AP) - Nevada game wardens are asking for the public's help to find who's setting illegal traps just off the Mount Rose Highway southwest of Reno.

Chief Warden Rob Buonamici says they were able to free a bobcat that got caught in one of the traps near Thomas Creek on the highway from Reno to Lake Tahoe.

In addition to being set in an area where trapping is prohibited, the traps went unchecked for longer than the four-day limit required to limit suffering on the part of the animals.

Buonamici says no one checked them in the 130 hours that five wardens monitored the traps in shifts. In addition to harming wildlife, he says the illegal trappers are eating up investigative resources.

Call Operation Game Thief at (800) 992-3030.