Carson Fire Chief: Powder at Supreme Court is Not Hazardous

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CARSON CITY, NV - Carson City's fire chief says the powder that led to an evacuation of the state Supreme Court building is not hazardous.

Stewart Street was closed between 5th and Musser Streets during the evacuation.

Sheriff Ken Furlong says about 12:44PM Thursday, three clerks in the mail room opened a letter, white powder fell out and the letter inside said "This is anthrax." The building was evacuated, except for the clerks who opened the letter and one security marshal, during the test to see if the powder was hazardous.

Now that it's been determined not to be, it will likely be sent to the FBI to determine who sent the letter and why. Supreme Court Security Chief Ken LeTourneau says the suspect may be a current prison inmate. The letter is not addressed to anyone specifically, just the Supreme Court.

About 100 people were evacuated, including four justices. No cases were being heard when the evacuation was ordered. Business is expected to resume as normal Friday.