NV Man Accused of Posing as Navy SEAL Arrested in Arkansas

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GARFIELD, Ark - He is accused of posing as a Navy SEAL and swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars from Carson City residents. Now, AJ Dicken is behind bars.

Investigators say Dicken claimed to be the most decorated Navy SEAL in history, pretending to have served tours in Vietnam and Grenada. All of this, while owning a self-defense school in our state’s capitol city. ABC’s 20/20 even did an expose on Dicken called The Big Lie.

After that aired, KOLO 8 News Now was instrumental in helping the US Marshal’s-led task force get in touch with people who knew Dicken’s whereabouts, resulting in the ABC affiliate in Fort Smith obtaining exclusive footage of his arrest Friday morning.

Dicken was leaving his home to take his children to school when he surrendered to marshals.

Dicken is being processed and booked into jail in northwestern Arkansas. He has an extradition hearing next week.