NV Exchange: Even Lower Enrollment Goal Will Be a Challenge

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - The executive director of Nevada's health insurance exchange says meeting a lower enrollment target will still be challenging.

The exchange substantially reduced its enrollment projections to 50,000 from 118,000 by March 31.

But director Jon Hager concedes even that may be difficult.

As of last week roughly 24,000 people had selected plans.

In a report Thursday to the board overseeing Nevada's online insurance exchange, Hager outlined immediate goals that are similar to what has plagued the system from the start - fix the website and fix the call center.

Hager says Xerox, the contractor that designed Nevada's system, has tripled the number of developers working on the system and problems are being correct more quickly.

Xerox has also added staff and expanded call center hours to reduce wait times.