NHS Saving Injured Pets' Body and Soul

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RENO, NV - Joker is looking and feeling better. He’s on the mend after surgery to repair damage done by a pony-tail holder left around his head and through his mouth. It did some serious damage to the young pup.

“It was left to grow into his flesh,” says Lillian Walker of the Nevada Humane Society, “so it was really bad.”

The incident that brought Joker to NHS is still under investigation, but Joker is happy and almost ready for a new home.

So is Logan, a cuddly cat that sought warmth under the hood of a car, and ended up with cuts and scratches over most of his body. I am happy to report though that Logan has found a new home!

Another recovering and lovely pet in need of a home of his own is Koda. He is a dachshund who needlessly lost a leg. It is needlessly because it could have been prevented. His owners didn't get treatment for a wound on his foot until it was too late to save it.

Walker says in addition to usual operations, NHS is seeing a growing number of injured animals in need of their help.The animals are surrendered to the shelter because their owners can’t afford the care they need.

It adds to the burden of an already strained agency. With 150 dogs, and more than 300 cats in their care, the average monthly cost to care for all these animals is $290,000. It’s money that, at least in Joker’s case, does buy happiness.