NAS Fallon Holds Terrorism Drills

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FALLON, NV - A drill that mirrors real-life terrorist attacks on military bases, NAS Fallon on Monday conducted a special training mission to prepare for the worst. An active shooter, suicide bomber, and sniper infiltrated the base and started to take casualties.

The goal of the training is get multiple agencies to work together, even when they're overwhelmed by the scenario.

The day starts with a shooting in a crowded building, victims run for their life as men with guns move in to neutralize the situation.

Nearby, teens have escaped the shooting unharmed. Many shaken and scared of what they just witnessed, but in this scenario no one can be trusted. IDs are checked and a suspicious man with a backpack is pulled aside.

A bomb goes off, taking several more victims. For the dead, there's no help and the response is slow for those bleeding-out.

A group of guys from the nearby gym are the first to arrive on scene.

When emergency crews finally arrive on scene, it's still unsafe, they have to wait for the all-clear before entering. They're eventually allowed in but it's not over yet.

Local agencies including the sheriffs, EMTs, fire, and Care Flight are called in to get the first victims out.

The danger is still imminent, a sniper in a nearby building is still taking lives.

While others take cover, a few have no option but to move in and bring the drill to a close.

The point of the drill is to overwhelm the responders so they'll be better prepared for a real-life scenario.