"NA" Message on Hillside is a Mystery

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RENO -- A mysterious letter has appeared on a Reno hillside next to the "N" that symbolizes the University of Nevada, Reno. For perhaps several weeks, an "A" has been next to the "N," resulting in "NA."

"I guess it would be like 'not available' or 'not applicable' and I don't really know what that's about," Jonathan McGuire, a UNR student, said.

Every year, students paint the rocks that comprise the "N," near McCarran Boulevard.

The UNR director of student engagement said it's not known what "NA" stands for, or who placed the extra letter on the hill.

"It's a mystery, I'd be the first to let you know, I'm very familiar with the 250 organizations and clubs we have on this campus, but like I said, the letters aren't representative," she said.

The "N" has been painted rainbow in the past to celebrate diversity. However, UNR officials said students went through the proper process of getting permission to access the location near Rancho San Raphael Park in that instance. A spokeswoman for UNR said those who don't get permission to alter the "N" could be subject to fines.

Washoe County Community Services Department said part of the "A" is on university land, and part on county land. The department said the "A" would likely be left to be eroded by wind, rain and snow. The county said the extra letter is made of field chalk, which are not permanent. However, UNR's spokeswoman said student volunteers may help clean it up.