"My TSA" App Unveiled

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RENO, NV - Since its inception, the Transportation Security Administration has been adjusting the list of items that you can take through security. After years of study some things, like knives and firecrackers are still prohibited. However a few items like tweezers, cuticle scissors and knitting needles can now be stowed in your carry-on. The changes may leave many people with questions. To answer them quickly and easily the TSA has a launched the "My TSA" app for mobile devices. All you have to do is select the "Can I Bring" icon and check the list for the item. The app will tell you if you can bring the item in your checked or carry-on luggage.

When it comes to liquids there's some leeway too. The TSA says nursing mothers can bring milk on board. To make the process easier they say bring only a quantity that you will only need for the duration of the flight. Security officers may do additional testing, but you will be allowed to take it with you. The same is true for all medically necessary liquids. Other changes include allowances for people over 75 and under 12 who no longer have to remove their jackets and shoes at the security gate. TSA officials hope this will help speed things up for everyone.

As you head to the airport this holiday season officials also want to remind you not to wrap presents until you get to your destination, or you may end up wrapping them again. Food items like cakes and pies are allowed, but may require further inspection. Snow globes are also permitted if they fit in a one quart plastic re-sealable sandwich bag. And ladies don't forget to dig through your purse for those forgotten lotions, lip glosses and hand sanitizers. Those items will also need to go in a baggie or you'll get stuck standing in line while the gate agent digs deep into your bag to fish them out.