Mustangs Drafted By Marines

mustang heads to mounted color guard

It was one of the most memorable lines delivered in this year's Presidential debates.

President Obama addressed Governor Romney about what materials the military does and doesn't need in 2012.

"Governor we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed,” quipped the President.

“We don't have as many horses and sabers anymore, we still have some obviously,” says Sargent Daren Cole, U.S. Marine Corp Mounted Color Guard

And to replenish some of the mounts used in parades and public appearances, the U-S- Marine Corp comes to the Stewart Conservation Camp, where inmates train wild mustangs some eventually adopted by the Corp.

“We've has a partnership with the BLM since the mid 80s, it means we are going to get all our horses with the BLM and they are going to take care of us while we do it,” says Sargent Cole

But not just any color will do for the mounted color guard.

They have to be Palominos.--gold colored mustangs with light mains and tails.

Inmate Jacob Lidster has been training his horse 58 Ford for a couple of months now.

Gentle and responsive, he is hoping his mustang makes the cut and joins the military.

“Because, you know, they take really good care of them and he's going to have a really good home, so that will be good,” says Lidster

Along with 58 Ford another Palomino 'Ol Yellar hopes to land a spot with the corp as well.

The two mustangs load up in the specially marked trailer.

Soon this type of travel will be old hat for them.

Look for the Mounted Color Guard this year at the Rose Bowl Parade where a previously adopted mustang from SCC will ride.

Palominos represent less than one percent of the horses in the holding pen at the camp.

But the Marines have already spotted the horses they want, and hope to have them trained by inmates next year

A total of 10 Mustangs, many from the Stewart Conservation Camp are stationed in Barstow, California.