Mustang Adoption This Saturday

CARSON CITY, NV - David Dudo has been working on training his horse Hunter for the past three months now.

An inmate with the gentling/saddling program at the Stewart Conservation Camp, Hunter is Dudo's 7th horse.

“Smart horse, likes to work,” says Dudo when describing Hunter

Dudo says three months ago, Hunter would have never tolerated pulling noisy piping behind him, or walking through a sliced drape.

But with perseverance and patience Hunter has turned into a reliable horse, one that his trainer will proudly show on Saturday for the October Saddle Horse Adoption.

A total of 12 horses will be up for adoption to the highest bidder.

All of the inmates have worked hard for the last three or four months hoping their Mustang sticks out and someone in the crowd wants to take his horse home.

Potential buyers could be wowed by special tricks the inmate has taught his Mustang.

A special bond is formed between the horse and the trainer, and many inmates are sorry to say goodbye.

“Find this horse a good home,” is the goal says Dudo.

By Saturday afternoon the Mustang will begin a new journey at a different location, but the inmate will stay here and come Monday begin the process of establishing, and then building on trust all over again.

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