Murals to Fight Midtown Tagging

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RENO, NV - It's a pointless crime: scrawling a name, tag, or symbol on building or fence. Most of the community hates graffiti, yet it is still a major problem.

But a Midtown businessman thinks he can fix the problem by turning buildings into art, so they're less likely to be vandalized.

The problem is still evident in Midtown. Graffiti covers walls, fences, and just about any surface around. Except for one.

"They have not been touched and some of these have been here almost a year and they have not been tagged," said Eric Raydon, with Marmot Properties.

Murals really seem to be the magic solution. There is some sort of a code of ethics among street artists. They won't paint over a mural, but a blank fence a few feet away will be covered in graffiti.

"Ultimately our goal is to tempo this out and really do every single alley, garage door and alley fence," said Raydon.

He started Marmot properties with his brothers a few years back. They now own a hundred downtown and midtown properties. Only a few of them have murals, but that is set to expand.

"We're on a mission and that mission is to help to make Reno a better place and we have selected midtown as our focus," said Raydon

This idea is not lost on traditional midtown businesses. Many commissioned murals years ago and quickly noticed their walls stopped getting tagged.