Morgan's Lobster Shack and Fish Market Back in Business

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TRUCKEE, Calif. - It's been a bit of a bumpy road for Morgan's Lobster Shack and Fish Market. The historic building underwent months of renovations before opening to the public last summer. The restaurant and seafood shop created quite a buzz around town. But just five weeks in, a late night fire did enough damage to shutter the business for six months.

"It was very hard, especially with summer being the busiest time for us," owner Shawn Whitney said. "Then we missed Christmas and New Year's. But with the support we're getting from the community, we'll be fine.

On Friday community members joined Shawn and his wife Heather to cut the ribbon for their grand re-opening. The store was packed by lunchtime.

"We were really disappointed when Morgan's closed and we're really excited it's opened back up," Truckee Assistant Town Manager Alex Terrazas said. "It's a very special place and we hope locals and visitors alike will come out and support our local businesses."

The shack serves and sells fresh seafood flown in from both coasts.

"My wife's family is lobstermen back in Maine so a lot of our lobster, scallops, clams and swordfish come from back east," Whitney said. "We also get fish out of San Francisco from some of the best distributors in the area."

Now that business is back on track, the hope is it's smooth sailing from here on out.

"Sailing into the future, being happy," Whitney said.