More Schools Could Mandate Uniforms

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RENO -- Administrators at the Washoe County School District are considering creating some guidelines for schools that want to mandate uniforms. While there is no formal proposal, a district official said it would be up to the individual schools to decide whether to mandate uniforms.

Students at Vaughn Middle School in Reno have been required to wear uniforms for the past four years.

"It stops bullying and you don't have to judge other people based on their clothes," a Vaughn student said.

Still, students said some feel the uniforms limit self-expression.

Administrators at the school said the uniforms keep the focus on academics.

"It helps us to preserve our academic learning time it keeps it very sacred we are one of the schools that has a four-star rating," principal Ginny Knowles said.

School officials also said since instituting the uniform policy there have been fewer gang and behavior issues.