More Hot Days Ahead; NV Energy Expects Peak Demands

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RENO, NV - Time was, the folks at NV Energy say, they'd see peak demands at other times of the year. No more. These days they invariably come in the summer. July most of all.

"We see our peaks in the summer time in July." says Mary Simmons, NV Energy's Vice President for External Strategy. "In fact, our all-time peak (1,743 megawatts) was in July of 2007."

We haven't passed that mark since, but that string of hot days a couple of weeks ago came close.

"On July First we had had 1,713 megawatts, but that was our peak for this year."

The good news is there's plenty of capacity in the system. No chance of running out. The bad news is we'll pay for all that power.

Simmons says there are some things we can do to lessen the impact without spending a dime.

"We tell people that 78 to 80 degrees is a good place to set your thermostat if that works for you. And then turn it up even higher when you leave home so that you're not cooling the home when no one's there.

"Don't run your appliances during the heat of the day if you can help it. So, if you have a dryer and need to do laundry try to do that late in the evening or early in the morning when its cool. It's a good time to barbeque outside rather than using your oven or your stove. So, it's good to keep that heat outside."

These and other energy serving tips are really for the consumer's benefit. With added generating capacity in its own system and available power elsewhere, there's apparently no danger of the company running short.

So stay cool if you can, put some thought into it and it won't hit you as hard in the wallet.