More Could Pay Assessment for Police Efforts

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RENO -- More downtown property owners could pay a special assessment under a proposal being considered by Reno city leaders.

Currently, properties in a special assessment district, which includes several large casinos, pay a tax to fund additional law enforcement in downtown.

"One of the goals of the City of Reno in general is to promote downtown make it more vibrant and attract more people down here it is kind of the focal point of our economy it always has been," Deputy Chief Tom Robinson said.

Special Assessment District Coordinator for the City of Reno Stephen Hardesty said areas around the district have experienced a dramatic increase in calls for police service since the district was created.

Hardesty said a new proposal would expand the district, which would mean police efforts could be expanded. Visibility of volunteer officers would also be enhanced.

According to documents, the number of officers would likely not be increased, however public safety efforts would be enhanced.

The Reno City Council would need to vote twice to approve the expansion.

Funding downtown police efforts through a special district began in 1995.

Robinson said programs have reduced incidents, and focused on prevention.