Molybdenum Mine Opposed by NV Environmentalists

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EUREKA, Nev. (AP) - Conservationists are trying to put the brakes on plans to mine millions of pounds of the metallic element molybdenum from an open pit mine in north-central Nevada.

The Reno-based Great Basin Resource Watch has asked the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to rescind the final environmental impact statement it issued earlier this month when it approved the final record of decision for the Mt. Hope project in Eureka County.

Officials for the mining company Eureka Moly LLC says the mine 23 miles northwest of Eureka contains 1.3 billion bounds of the element used as an alloy agent to strengthen steel, including the manufacturing of solar cells, engines, airplanes and military equipment.

The critics say its waste materials can be highly toxic and that the BLM's environmental review was insufficient.