Mobile Destruction Van Helps People Relieve Stress

RENO, NV - We all have our breaking points; we we just need to let out some frustration and steam. But rarely is it okay to smash items. Unless you're in the Das Breakroom mobile destruction van.

It's called recreational destruction, and owner Tom Farrenkopf says he opened the business to give people a way to vent.

"We believe that creation and destruction go hand in hand," he said. "Creation is very therapeutic, but so is destruction."

Farrenkopf travels around the west coast and hosts private destruction parties. For $50 groups of any size have a half hour to smash an unlimited amount of bottles, junk, or any personal items brought by the group.

"We find people are a little intimidated at first, but then they get in the van and see just how relaxing it is," Farrenkopf said. "This is the one place it's okay to break things."

The business also benefits the environment.

"We get the bottles from restaurants and bars, and we recycle everything that is broken," Farrenkopf said. 'A lot of the dumps in Oregon are lining the ground with recycled glass to help with drainage."

Farrenkopf will be in Reno until Thursday, August 21. To book a party call (208) 629-9399

*Phone number in video is listed incorrectly.