Missing Persons Mystery Begins At Rural I-80 Exit

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RENO, NV - It's been nearly 7 months since 86 year old Reno resident Patrick Carnes disappeared while driving across northern Nevada on Interstate 80.

Humboldt County investigators are no closer to finding what happened to him, but their search is raising some disturbing questions.

April 13 Carnes was driving home from a visit to family in Ohio. At 9 pm that night he was stopped briefly by a NHP trooper east of Wells. At 6 the following morning his car was found at Exit 205 east of Winnemucca.

Neither Carnes nor his constant companion, his dog Lucky, have been seen since. Repeated searches have turned up no clues.

The location and the manner in which the car was left was puzzling. Exit 205 offers no services, no lights, almost no access to the surrounding landscape.

Even more puzzling, this little used freeway exit is also linked to the disappearance of a Cold Springs woman who's vehicle was also found there five years ago.

Part one of "Exit to Nowhere" airs Tuesday night on KOLO 8 News Now at 5.

Patrick Carnes, 86, of Reno, Nevada, missing since April 14, 2011