Minden McDonald's Raises Money for Injured Employee

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MINDEN, Nev. -- Andrea Navarro is from the Carson Valley. A motorcycle accident put her in intensive care and medical bills are expensive. But her work family came to together to help.

The McDonald's restaurant in Minden, where Navarro works, hosted a fundraiser Friday, June 28th. Twenty percent of sales from 4 to 8pm were donated. The event also got donations from customers and a local business in addition to a significant donation from the restaurant owners.

Navarro was there to thank supports and receive a check.

The event raised $2,475 to help Navarro with her medical bills. Here is the breakdown:
· $675 from sales
· $500 from a local business, Tech Spec
· $300 from tips at the counter and the drive thru
· $1,000 personal donation from the owners, Chris and Sharon Kassity

Photo: Minden McDonald's
Photo: Minden McDonald's