Alpine Meadows Opens Mile-Long Terrain Park

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It may be the perfect way to launch into the holiday weekend. Alpine Meadows has just fully opened up the new terrain park it's called The Firing Line. It's unlike any other in the area because it's one mile long.

To skiers and riders, that means more time on the slopes and less on the chairlifts. And there are plenty of opportunities to try new tricks. Designed under the guidance of Alpine's Team Park Manager, Jonahs David, and Snow Park Tech Project Manager, Corley Howard, the mile-long run includes 40 features. There are jumps, jibs, and all sorts of unusual wall rides.

"There are features here that you won't find anywhere else and they were just really creative when putting together the park," says Christi Nasser, a snowboarder.

On this holiday weekend, when so many people will be packing the chairlifts, the mile-long terrain park could mean relief from the crowds.

"It just sucks when you have to keep getting on and off the lift," says Ethan Lindley, a snowboarder. "And this one, you're cruising for 10 to 15 minutes down one run. And if you fall, you get right back up and there's another feature right in front of you. And no other place has something like that."