Microsoft/Windows Cyberscam Resurfaces

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RENO, NV - Don't be fooled if you get a random call from someone, claiming there's something wrong with your computer.

It's part of a scam that's recently resurfaced from a few years ago. These scammers claim to be technicians from well-known computer companies such as Microsoft or Windows. They say a virus is being sent out from your computer and they'll need remote access to your computer.

The scammers will then offer to fix the made-up problem for a fee, trying to convince you they're professionals trying to protect your files and identity.

One of these scammers called Lynette McCutcheon a few weeks ago while she was on vacation, but the surprise was on the scammer.

"I don't have a computer connected to the internet, I don't have anything giving out information from my computer, I don't live here, I'm on vacation, and I'm a technician, i do this for a living. And all of a sudden he didn't want to talk anymore and just hung up."

Techonology Center, a local computer repair shop where she works, they get several calls each week from people worried their computers are infected. The shop says legitimate computer companies will never call you about problems with your computer.

If you think you've been scammed, call your bank immediately, scan your computer for malware and change all your passwords.