Memorial Fund Set Up for Fernley Victims

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CARSON CITY, Nev. - Terry Pape of Carson City was at work when she got a phone call about a house fire at her in-laws' house in Fernley on Monday. Police believe Robert and Dottie Pape of Jessica Lane were shot in their home; the house was then set on fire.

“I went out there and it took them a day and a half to confirm that it was Rob and Dottie,” Pape said. “Then we heard about the other murders around the corner and then the guy apparently went out the back door of another house and they captured him.”

Police arrested Fernley resident Jeremiah Bean. He has been charged with the murder of the Papes and three other people.

“For the family of the guy that did this, Dottie Pape would have said to you, 'my heart goes out to you,'” Pape said. “She was a very loving and forgiving person. The rest of the Pape family, we'll just keep you in our prayers.”

The family has set up a Pape Memorial Fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Donations will be accepted at any branch. The account number is 8892062913. Proceeds will help cover funeral costs and repairs to the home.

“The condition of the home is totally destroyed,” Pape said. “The fire burned all the way through the garage and the back of the house, then burned its way forward.”

She says the Papes owned the home outright and all insurance documents were lost in the fire so they're not sure exactly what insurance companies the home is covered under. They're hoping that information comes to light. In the meantime, it's one day at a time.

“We're just waiting to get through the funeral process,” Pape said. “My husband is a quiet type like his father and he's just hanging in there. We just keep shaking our heads. One of us will start to cry and then we'll just shake our heads and go on to the next thing we're trying to get done.”

A memorial for the Papes is set for Tuesday morning at 10. It will be held at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley. The ceremony is open to the public. Robert Pape served in the Army during World War II and Korea.