Meet Reno's First Baby of 2013

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Reno, NV - While fireworks were going off at midnight, Reno's first baby was being born. Lyla Emerson Dwyer came into the world exactly when the clock struck 12am.

"Well, her birthday will always be memorable for me. I think every New Year's Eve I will be telling the story of how I was in delivery. And how she came," says Amanda Dwyer.

Even though Dwyer is holding her newborn, she says her infant's birth is still surreal. The 7lb. 9 oz baby girl came into the world amid celebration.

"I never thought that I would have a new years baby!" says Dwyer.

Lyla was due on January 4, but when New Year's Eve rolled around, Amanda knew the baby was coming. She had to have a C-section and her doctor gave her an idea.

"My doctor was like 'Do you want the New Years Baby?' And I thought, 'if we can pull it off, sure!'
And we did. We were a little surprised by that," says Dwyer.

Lyla's grandmother couldn't be happier.

"It's fantastic!" says Karin Marsh, of her newest granddaughter. "She came into the world with a bang with all the fireworks, so it's fantastic. I'm really very happy."

"Very excited. My husband and I," says Dwyer. "Looking forward to this year. Lots of changes."

Lyla has a brother who is 19 months old and a stepbrother who is 14 years old.