Medical Marijuana Application Day

(MGN Online)

CARSON CITY, NV - Nevada started taking in applications for medical marijuana establishments in Carson City on Tuesday. Those applications are for dispensaries, cultivators, labs and edible marijuana-infused products. But even if provisional licenses are granted by the state, there are several more steps before you see medical marijuana storefronts in your city or town.

A special cornered off area was set up at 8AM Tuesday as the state health division planned on hundreds of people lining up to hand in their applications for medical marijuana establishments.

By 9:00 in the morning at press briefing time, the long lines had not materialized.

State health officer Dr. Tracey Green said there had been fewer than 20 applications submitted at that time.

Applicants didn't have to come in person; they could send their applications along with a $5,000 check to the agency before the August 18th deadline.

Dr. Green described a process that is unbiased, transparent, fair and equitable would begin.

Special evaluator teams are set up with expertise in medicine, business, education, chemistry and other specialties to take a look at the applications and grade them.

Portions of the application will be identifiable, such as financial status and backing, as well as criminal records.

Other proprietary information would be non-identifiable.

The division will score and rank the applications and announce results November 3rd.

The 66 highest scoring dispensaries will qualify for provisional licenses at a cost of $30,000 dollars apiece.

That list will be a reference for counties to select those medical marijuana dispensaries or other establishments they want doing business within their boundaries.

”We are projecting several, 400 maybe more than 500 applications,” said Chad Westom, State Health Planning Bureau Chief.

Dispensary provisional licenses are at this point the most valuable.

That's because those establishments are written into statute and each county, if it chooses, can have only a limited number of them.

Other businesses like labs or cultivators can receive a provisional license and there is no limit to the number of those within a county.

If counties choose to allow those establishments to do business, the state's ranking will help make a decision as to just which business scored the best.