Medical Dermaroller Helps Those With Scars

Jennifer Curwen is spending the next hour having her face treated with a Medical Dermaroller.

If we tell you what that involves you'd think we'd stepped back into medieval times.

The device has tiny needles protruding from it, and it is rolled across, in this case the face leaving thousands of very fine needle marks.

“Its very relaxing,” says Curwen.

Before treatment, Jennifer was treated with a topical anesthetic that numbed her face.

But studies show this will all be worth it within a few days.

That's because the tiny needle marks are stimulating new cell growth.

“When those punctures happen new collagen forms under the skin with little rows of very thick collagen so the collagen is naturally fined and it puffs up the skin and builds up the skin,” says Dr. Cindy Lamerson with Nevada Center for Dermatology.

In Jennifer's case it means her skin will look younger and smoother, taking care of fine lines and wrinkles.

But for people with scarring from acne, or even trauma, that collagen growth can fill in those scars.

Such treatment will take more than one visit.

However patients can see as high as a 70% improvement in the appearance of the scars after the third treatment--with less down time than other treatments like skin peels, dermabrasion and subscision.

And unlike those other treatments, The Medical Dermaroller can be used on all skin types.

Such treatment however is not covered by insurance.