Meadowood Mall Smash & Grab Thieves on the Loose

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RENO, NV - Reno police are still looking for three men who used a machete and sledgehammers to steal from a jewelry store in Meadowood Mall, right in front of customers.

"I'm still a little in shock. It brings to light that all of the crazy stuff that people can do happen anywhere," says Anne, a young mother who watched a brazen smash and grab happen right in front of her at Meadowood Mall.

It was on Tuesday around 8:30pm. Anne was at the mall with her daughter and friend when she heard loud noises coming from Devon's Jewelers.

"All I could hear was just the smashing noises and then I saw the guy actually hammering things down towards the shelves," she recalls. "I didn't even hesitate. I just grabbed my kid and just ran!"

They raced outside and hid in the bushes and called 9-1-1. They stayed there until police arrived minutes later. On Wednesday, the jewelry store is closed as workers start to fix the glass cases and cabinets that were destroyed. But Anne says she won't let this destroy her sense of security - or her daughter's.

"You just can't let life scare you. And that's one thing my daughter said to me is: 'Mommy, are we just going to stay in our house forever now?' And I said, 'No baby, no. We're not.'"

Reno police are still looking for the three suspects they describe as black men in their 20s. Detectives are reviewing surveillance video and will not reveal what kind of jewelry was taken or how much.