Maytan Music Closing After 54 Years

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RENO, NV - Reno's Maytan Music Center is closing soon, after being open since 1959.

According to a news release, two professional musicians, Steve and Iris Maytan, opened the store with one dream in mind: “Giving every child the chance to play!”

Co-founder Steve Maytan managed the store until his passing in 1997 at 79 years of age. His widow, Iris, and other family members have continued to operate the store.

For decades, Maytan Music has organized concerts for children; immediately followed by the opportunity for next generation kids to sample all kinds of different instruments.

Maytan Music first found a home at 735 S. Center. In 1979, the family built and moved the business into the two-story building next door at 777 S Center.

The three daughters, Marianne, Marilee and Maribeth, and brother, David all play instruments, as does the next generation of the Maytan clan.

"The downturn in the economy, combined with increased competition, has dramatically changed the marketplace," said General Manager Marianne Maytan. "Having taught tens of thousands of budding musicians and provided untold numbers of instruments, sheet music, and concerts, we have reluctantly determined it’s time to close the doors. The building has been sold and now all remaining inventory will be sold as well."

Rather than working with a national inventory liquidator, the Maytan family has elected to sell everything directly to the public at prices below wholesale cost. This pricing is effective now.

“We would much prefer to offer the savings directly to our loyal customers and friends," Maytan said.

Pending escrow closing, the final day of operation for Maytan Music has not been determined, but it is expected to occur sometime in March.