Restaurant Mascot Missing

RENO, NV - The Pit barbeque on Clear Acre Lane is a family-run business with not much extra cash for advertising.

For 3 months the owner's father-in-law created a five-foot-high pig named J.J to entice people into the restaurant.

Up for only four days, the owner says he noticed the mascot missing just after the dinner time rush Thursday night.

”We spend all of our time and efforts down here just trying to make it work and the little bit of advertising we can do is the stuff we make on our own,” says owner Cory Easley.

Easley says the mascot was big enough, it probably was taken away in a truck or a large SUV.

He says he has already filed a police report as the figurine is worth about $1500.

Easley says he just wants J.J back.

All you have to do, he says, is drop the mascot off at the restaurant.