Martinez Talks About His Firing

RENO, NV - Martinez says the district accused him of padding his resume.

Specifically, he claimed to be a certified public accountant when in fact, he was not.

“I think this is a misunderstanding. So I got my certificates as a certified public accountant right after school in 1982. My resume is very clear. I worked for 2 different, the largest public accounting firms in the world, and I never needed to pursue my license because I left that career path to do private industry, and eventually public school system. So this is a little bit of confusion; let's get it clarified. I didn't think anything of it. They decided to have a closed legal session,” says Martinez.

"Effective immediately, Pedro Martinez has been relieved of his duties as superintendent of Washoe County School District,” said Barbara Clark, president of the board, during a hastily called press conference late Tuesday afternoon.

No reason given, no comment on Martinez's performance.

It appeared as if the firing happened rather quickly.

According to Martinez, it might have happened too quickly.

“There is clear process in my contract. If you want to terminate me for cause, there is the process. You have to give me a 10-day notice. There is a hearing. It is public and I have the to right to have an attorney. There is an investigation. That is the process,” says Martinez.

Martinez says he was pressured to sign a severance package by 5PM Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

Sticking to his guns, Martinez says he signed nothing and has hired an attorney.

It's in his hands, says Martinez.

But he does point out the entire incident occurred behind closed doors, not in an open meeting as prescribed by law.

All that aside, he says he's still wondering what he did wrong.

Which is why he chooses to focus on the positive.

Asked if he thinks he left the office better than he found it: “Much better, I really, really do. When you look at the changes we have made, and when I talk to parents and staff overall they see a change,” says Martinez.

Late Wednesday afternoon the district clarified Martinez's status to "leave with pay", pending the July 29th board meeting, in which trustees can take action regarding Martinez's future employment..