Marmots Invade Reno

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RENO -- You may notice some cute, but destructive creatures around the Reno area. Marmots are out of hibernation and may be more visible.

The "big squirrels" dig deep burrows and eat landscaping. They are common around water and amid golf courses and fields, according to the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

"Occasionally you are going to have to remove those animals to deal with what has become a nuisance problem," Chris Healy of the Nevada Division of Wildlife said.

Healy said reducing an overpopulation of the creatures can be controversial because the marmots can not be captured and relocated.

"If you were to capture an animal that was carrying the possibility of plague and you move it somewhere else, well maybe you moved it to a place where there wasn't plague before but you just managed to do that," he said.

Healy said it is best not to try to remove the marmots from your property yourself, but call a professional.