Man with Dementia Back Home After Disappearing Over Weekend

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SUN VALLEY, NV - A family in Sun Valley is relieved after a loved one who had disappeared made his way back home.

Stephen Metzner is 48 years old and suffering from early onset dementia. He went missing last Friday and family had no luck searching his normal hangouts along Sun Valley Boulevard, including McDonald's and Hobey's casino.

They worried about him in this extreme heat because he also suffers from COPD.

"He has wandered off quite a few times from the old house but he either came back within a day or two or I have always found him at the homeless shelter, and he is not in any of those places, and there has been no sign of him," said Metzner's sister, Elizabeth Barnes.

Monday afternoon, deputies found him just blocks away from home; he was headed in the right direction and is safe and in good health.