Man Arrested After Smoke Grenade Found in Luggage

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - Federal officials say they have arrested a man at Los Angeles International Airport after a smoke grenade, knives, gas mask, leg irons, body bags and a variety of weapons were discovered in luggage.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Tuesday that Boston-bound Yongda Huang Harris was arrested Friday on suspicion of transporting hazardous materials on a flight from Japan.

The 28-year-old drew suspicion when federal officers noticed he was wearing a bulletproof vest and flame retardant pants under his trench coat.

Authorities say numerous suspicious items were uncovered in his checked luggage, including a hatchet, full-face respirator and billy clubs.

The affidavit says the smoke grenade falls into a category that is prohibited on board passenger aircraft by the United Nations.

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