Man and Pregnant Wife Arrested for Meth Trafficking

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Near Yerington, NV - One day after a little yellow home with a white picket fence was surrounded by cop cars, family members of the couple that was arrested are returning to pick up some belongings. No one who lived off the 600-block of Mason Avenue suspected the parents of two little kids were trafficking drugs.

"No, I was shocked! Because it's such a sweet little family," says Sue Dane, who was their landlord.

But the Lyon County Sheriff's Office says they seized a bunch of stolen guns there on Monday, as well as 1.48 pounds of meth.

"That is an extreme amount of meth," says Det. Al McNeil with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office. "Most cases that we deal with on average, are generally from one to two ounces at most."

Authorities also found stolen rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Detective McNeil says the tip-off of stolen guns actually sparked the investigation a month ago. They believe 40-year-old Armando Chavez and his wife, 20-year-old Leslie Posada, would get the meth from California and distribute it. All of this happened where their landlord says Posada, who was about 7 months pregnant, watched other people's kids.

"She did daycare so I thought they were a nice little family," says Dane.

Neighbors say there are a lot of young kids who live in the area. The house is just two blocks from a park with a playground that neighbors say children visit a lot.

Now, as word of the bust gets out around the neighborhood, the couple is behind bars and their two little children are staying with relatives. Both Chavez and Posada are charged with trafficking methamphetamine and possession of stolen firearms and stolen property.