Man Sentenced for Shooting and Dismembering Cat

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Douglas County, NV - He's been convicted of shooting a stray cat, then chopping it up and throwing the head onto his neighbor's property. This week, that man from Douglas County started serving his 30-day jail sentence.

54-year-old Rodney Shoop lives off of Tourmaline Drive in Indian Hills. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says that in February, Shoop got drunk and frustrated with a cat that's been causing problems with his own pet. He grabbed a shotgun and went into a crawl space under his house to get to the stray cat.

"He had his son, his adult son, hold a flashlight for him under the house while he went underneath there with a shotgun and he shot the stray cat under the house. Then after shooting the cat, he dragged it out and took it to a chopping block which they have in their backyard and he took an ax and he chopped the cat up into pieces," says Sgt. Jim Halsey with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Shoop threw the head into his neighbor's driveway. He was later arrested and charged with torturing or injuring an animal.

This week, a District Court judge sentenced Shoop to 30 days in jail under the new state law that makes mutilating and torturing an animal a felony. Shoop actually received a deferred one-to-three year prison sentence. He must also serve five years on probation.