Arrest Made in Purse Snatching At Peppermill Casino

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Update: Reno Police arrested two people in connection to a strong armed robbery at the Peppermill Casino. Police arrested Christopher Castro, 24, and Leslie Fernandez, 34, Sunday night after officers found a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle that was used in the robbery.

Castro was charged with burglary, robbery with elderly enhancement, assault with a deadly weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Fernandez was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

RENO, Nev. -- Reno Police Department officials are looking for the man they say followed a casino patron and stole her purse right after she cashed out her winnings.

Police say it happened at about 4:15pm at the Peppermill. A man was reportedly watching a woman as she gambled. As soon as she cashed out her winnings, the man came up to her and grabbed her purse from her hand.

Police report the man then ran out the Virginia St. exit. Casino employees saw what happened and chased him. They confronted the man in the parking lot across the street. Police say that is when the man pulled out a knife, ran to the edge of Virginia St. and got into a van described by police as "a green 90's box van." It drove off northbound on Virginia.

Police describe the man as six feet tall with a thin build, probably in his late teens or early twenties. At the time, he was wearing a white T-shirt and khaki shorts.

If you have any information, please call the Reno Police Department.

24 year old Christopher Joseph Castro charged with Burglary, Robbery with Elderly Enhancement, Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Possession of Drug Paraphernalia