Man Arrested For Allegedly Trying to Make Drugs

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RENO, NV - An overnight explosion led to the arrest of one man. According to Reno police, the explosion happened in an apartment building on the 500 block of Sinclair Street at 2:06am.

Reno Fire Department officials say they believe the explosion was caused by someone trying to make drugs. Investigators believe 26-year-old Jason Fisher was trying to make hash oil. Fisher was the only person inside the apartment at the time and was taken to a hospital for evaluation. But he was not injured and was booked on several drug-related charges.

The apartment suffered some property damage but officials say it is safe and liveable.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, hash oil is produced by extracting the cannabinoids from plant material with a solvent. It averages about 15 percent THC and just a drop or two of this liquid on a cigarette is equal to a single “joint” of marijuana.