Man Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder in Reno

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RENO, NV - A man has been arrested by Reno police after he allegedly kidnapped and tried to kill his ex-girlfriend.

25-year-old Kupono KE-A has been charged with obstructing arrest, domestic battery, strangulation, false imprisonment, kidnap and attempted homicide.

Police first were called to an apartment complex on Peckham Lane Sunday afternoon. An officer found the victim in the parking lot with tape wrapped around her hands and legs. The victim told police she had been held against her will. Officers later found Kupono, who attempted to run away. Police ended up chasing him on foot, but Kupono came back to the victim's apartment and barricaded himself inside.

After 40 minutes of negotiations, Kupono surrendered and was taken into custody.

Anyone with more information on this is asked to call Secret Witness at 322-4900.