Man Accused of Attacking Woman and Endangering Child

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SPARKS, NV - Sparks police have arrested a man they believe held a woman against her will and put her child in danger.

They say the night of August 21st, 2014, they met with a woman who told them she had met with her ex-boyfriend, Joaquin Acuna of Reno, to exchange their 5-year-old. The woman told police she and Acuna started arguing, upsetting the child. When Acuna took the child, the woman followed the two to a storage facility on El Rancho, saying she was concerned for the safety of the child. There, the child got back into the mother's car and the argument continued, at which point Acuna forced his way into that car, according to police.

Police say Acuna forced the woman to drive from the area, then slammed her head into the steering wheel and bit her in the back of the neck. He then forced the victim to take him back to the storage facility and once there took her keys from her, then put a rope around his neck and tried to hang himself in front of the victim and their child. Acuna was unsuccessful and kicked the victim in the groin area and broke her cell phone, according to police.

The woman got her keys back and once she got in her car to leave, Acuna rammed her vehicle with his, according to police. She drove off to get help.

Police tracked Acuna to his home and arrested him. He is charged with False Imprisonment, Domestic Battery and Child Endangerment. Bail is $25,000.